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Mastering the X-Speech (Extemporaneous)

What is it about the X-Speech that is making everyone so worried?

It's the UNKNOWN!!!

You don't know what the topic will be and You don't know what you are going to say...

So what do you do?

You control the things that you can!

~ Create a plan of attack

~ Go in with an organized way of preparing

~ Have certain "GO TO" topics that you can relate to anything

~ Find a way to stay on topic - AVOID the rabbit trails!

~ Make certain you cover your bases

~ Prepare to have a Strong Opening and Closing Statement

So now that you are aware of the things that you can prepare for,

~How do you get prepared?

~How do you decide which topic to use if you have choices?

~ How do you organize your thoughts into a speech in mere minutes?

~ Are you supposed to memorize it? Part of it?

~ How do you avoid going off on rabbit trails during the delivery if the speech is not memorized?

and finally

~ How do you cover the important content you want to say without rambling and going over time?

That's where my X-Speech Plan comes in! I've got a Secret Weapon and I'm excited to share it with you! I promise... it's much easier than you think!

If you feel like you've "GOT THIS" - I applaud you - Go Rock that stage and be PROUD!!

But, if you still feel anxious, unprepared or just plain scared to death -

Let's Talk!

Because, once you have a PLAN on how you will attack this topic and know what you need to do..

You will become excited and ready to step on that stage!

Being Prepared is truly the Key to having a great contest all around and regarding your X-Speech it is critical to acquiring the 3 "C's" that I believe every great speech must have...



and the final and most important component of every GREAT SPEECH ~ CONFIDENCE!

Do you have a plan? Do you NEED a Plan?

Join our TRIBE, Find your Voice & Gain the Confidence you deserve!

Peace~ X ~ Rodeo

~ MK -

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