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We believe it takes a village, so we call our Team a TRIBE.  If you are willing to work hard,

my Tribe can become YOUR Tribe! 

Sometimes it can also feel like you are preparing to "Go to Battle" when you're preparing to deliver a speech, speak to a group or compete in a contest and to be honest, sometimes LIFE is a daily battle.  For this reason I call my amazing team "WARRIORS" and they are My TRIBE! 


Together we are better, stronger, tougher and more resilient than any of us could be on our own.  We fight for what is right and pursue the BEST and when you are our client, we will FIGHT FOR YOU! 

I am so PROUD to introduce "MY TRIBE of WARRIORS" and we are honored that you would consider becoming one of OUR Tribe!

Karen Gray Headshot.jpg

Karen Gray

Karen Gray

(also known as Momma K)

Founder & President of My Speech Coach,

Financial Advisor, Motivational Speaker, Writer, Dream Builder and Cheerleader for every woman regardless of her age. She believes that every woman should 

embrace the power to find her voice!


"I have always loved writing, but never anticipated this journey!  In 2007, my daughter, Stephanie began competing in Rodeo Queen Contests and needed speeches, so I began to write for her.  I can't even begin to tell you how cool it was to see her perform on stage, to watch her confidence grow and to see her literally blossom from a shy and insecure young girl into a Bold, Capable and Confident young woman.  I never would have dreamed that the skiddish young kid who started in 2007 would become the Bold & Confident Woman who would win the Best Speech Category on the Miss Rodeo America Stage in Las Vegas, just 7 years later!  Eventually, I also began to write for friends and this expanded to others as Steph began aging out of divisions. Since Stephanie is no longer competing I have decided to share my talents with anyone that's willing to invest in themselves and meet me in the middle of this crazy journey!" 


"Thank you Momma K for taking the time to work with me and for encouraging me to be my best.  I could not have won without you and I couldn't have done any of this without you lovingly pushing me out of my comfort zone.  Thank you for all you and Stephanie did for me.  I love you and I'm so glad you're on my team!"

~ Katelyn Brownlee


Stephanie Childers

Stephanie Revels Childers

Miss Rodeo Texas 2013,

Multiple Speech Awards including Miss Rodeo America Pageant Speech Winner 2014 & Miss Rodeo Texas Speech Winner 2013.  Rodeo Queen Coach

Royal Review Jackpot Committee and Clinician

​CEO of Jordan Events, Wedding & Event Planning

Graduate of Abilene Christian University

Stephanie is not only Karen's daughter and her first client but she is also her most successful client earning 8 (eight) Rodeo Queen Titles and 6 Speech Awards, including Miss Rodeo Texas Speech in 2013 and The Best Speech Award at The 2014 Miss Rodeo America Pageant.  Stephanie is a graduate of Abilene Christian University & has created her own Event Planning Company - Jordan Events. (Check out her website here)

​Stephanie married Samuel Childers in October 2017 and they welcomed their pride and joy, Saxton McCrae Childers to our family in March 2020.  They live in Abilene TX.  Stephanie continues to work with young ladies on all facets of Rodeo Queen competition including Modeling, Horsemanship, Study tips, Wardrobe Prep and image.



By Definition, a Tribe is "An organized people who typically claim descent from a common founder"  As a Woman, I'd say this pretty much sums our group up! 

Let me say that I mean no disrespect to our Native American Friends, on the contrary.  I grew up in Largo Canyon, NM which is on the Jicarilla Apache Reservation and I have a tremendous amount of respect for our neighboring tribes, the traditions they hold on to and the way they take care of each other.  So I'd like to take the text-book definition  a step further:


"My TRIBE is a group of people who defend each other, support and care for each other, protect each other and have each other's back when it counts."


I am blessed beyond measure because I have found some of the toughest, smartest and most loyal people to be part of "MY TRIBE".  You will see me refer to some of "MY TRIBE" on this website and they even have their own tab. These friends are honest and therefore, they help me grow. They are encouraging, so I can continue fighting the good fight even when I feel lost and they are a force to be reckoned with if you wrong them or hurt someone in their tribe! 


You know, I think that everyone should be as fortunate, to have this kind of support system behind them.  Therefore, I am making it my mission to help connect strong women with other strong women and young ladies!  Together, we can make a difference, change the future for someone who needs it and maybe... just maybe WE CAN BE THE GOOD THAT WE WANT TO SEE IN THE WORLD!

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