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TOP 15 Tips

on speaking with 


1) Wear something that makes you feel confident!

2) Take extra time with your appearance

3) Plan ahead and be prepared

4) Arrive early

5) Choose Positive Self talk.  Don't allow negative thoughts, doubts or comments to take up space in your mind

6) Walk with intention & purpose (Head up)

7) If you can control your topic pick something you have experience with

8) Bring an outline if possible - not a full page of notes to use as a guideline

9) Don't sweat the small stuff

10) Relax from head to toe (close your eyes and envision releasing all the tension in your body)

11) Don't forget to breathe

12) Before you ever step on stage or to the microphone, visualize yourself giving the speech. Imagine its the best experience and you are energized as you walk off.  FEEL that energy

13) Don't look the audience directly in the eye if you are still nervous. Look between their eyes, at their hair, hat, eyebrows etc.  (It's psychologically less intimidating)

14) Speak naturally - A speech is just a conversation. (Think of talking a group of friends)

15) Imagine that everyone in the audience

wants to see you succeed.  They do - because you're Awesome! 

Remember This:

You are more than one speech

If you make a mistake - move on

Nothing about this speech will change who you are... However,  the words you have to say could be the exact words that someone else needs to hear today to change their life. 

So be BRAVE & be BOLD... You've got this!

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