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How To Master

Extemporaneous Speaking

Planning to deliver an Extemporaneous Speech might feel like you are facing a mountain from the bottom, especially if you are giving it as a part of a pageant or competition. 

Here are a few extra tips to help you prepare

to climb that mountain - one step at a time!


1st step - BRAIN DUMP:

When you're given your topic and the clock starts - dump out all your ideas (crazy or not... don't judge them yet) onto a sheet of paper.  This is where you will pull from to create your AWESOME SPEECH!


Unless you have a photographic memory, you probably cannot write and then memorize an entire speech in 10 minutes.  So you need helpful ways to remember what you're going to say on stage.  When you work with "My Speech Coach" she will give you these easy yet effective ways of memorizing so you can not only stay on task but also cover your time limits more effectively.


So keep it natural - speak conversationally and relaxed.  They want to know who YOU are and what YOU care about! SO SHOW THEM!

I believe in you!  You've got this! 

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