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Wanting to be in control is actually a good thing.

For my very first "Speech Tip of the week" I'd like to start by stating that

"When you are delivering a speech you have to remain in control!"

🌟Control of your breathing 🌟Control of your arms & hands... 🌟 Control of your legs & walking 🌟 Control of your voice

If you like many others, you may be wondering... "How do you control all these at the same time?" Well, trust me it is possible! Just like any other sport, activity or Rodeo Queen Event (such as horsemanship, modeling etc) you have got to train your brain on what you want it to do. When you practice doing it the RIGHT WAY you begin to create "MUSCLE MEMORY"! You've heard the saying Perfect Practice makes Perfect Performances right? Well when we are talking about delivering a great speech it is absolutely correct!!!

Just to be clear... I am saying, "Practice to create good habits so that you can be relaxed, natural and confident on stage!! (I DO NOT want you to become robotic, canned or fake)"

If you are still unsure of what you need to do to become confident and in control on stage and still look natural, I can help you! Just reach out to me and together we can do it!

I'll leave you with this thought... "Confidence wins Contests". So what do you need to become more confident?

Until next time,

Your Coach & Cheerleader,

Momma K

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