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Speech Writing

We LOVE to provide great quality personal speeches for our clients - but if you are more of a DIY kinda person, here are some tips to help you create a speech that can help you stand out from the crowd! 

 You Just Have to Think Outside the Box!

How Do You Pick the Right Topic or Subject?

  • Make it personal

  • Write about something you love

  • Tell a story (tell YOUR Story if you can)

Write with your delivery in mind

  • Use punctuation to indicate where to breathe and transition

  • Be intentional in your transitions to assist with memorization

  • Bold or underline words to show where to stress inflections

  • Use spacing to help you with transitions and memorization

Writing Tips:

  • Stay on topic - don't get lost along the way

  • Use humor or emotions to motivate your audience

  • Book-End your speech to bring your story full circle

  • Don't get to wordy - Keep It Simple!

  • Avoid tongue twister phrases (especially if you struggle)




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Finding YOUR Voice

Telling YOUR Story

Developing Confidence

Becoming the Best YOU - You Can Be!

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