What's a SECRET weapon worth, if you can't share it with your friends?

Here are MY Secret Weapons for Success!

One of the best ways to ensure your success it to work with and surround yourself with successful people!  I call that building your TRIBE!  People that will have your back, make you accountable and support you to reach YOUR goals. 
I recommend that you consider these amazing people:  They are MY TRIBE!

Clinics / Mock Contest / Overall Pageant Preparation:

The Royal Review Rodeo Queen Jackpot

(Cannot recommend this one enough!)

Candice Carper - Founder

Interview / Current Events / Pageant Prep / Judging


Interview & Impromptu  Skills/ Leadership Trainer / Professional Speaker

She Believed She Could - So She Did!

Karen Gray Headshot.jpg

Pageant Prep

Confidence Building

Stage Readiness

A License for ATTITUDE!!! :)